About SCI Roofing Services Owner, Joseph K. Stoltzfus

Family man at heart, roofer by profession, Joseph Stoltzfus was raised on a dairy farm where he learned strong work ethics and integrity. In his early teens, Joseph started working in his father’s construction business where he learned all areas of a contracting business from remodeling home interiors, kitchens and bathrooms to erecting pole barns, garages and all types roofing and siding installation.

In 2011 Joseph branched off with another partner, taking on some his father’s projects and and clients. Because of high demand and his expertise, in 2012 Joseph went full-time into roofing. This year also marks when Joseph joined the Conklin Roofing System’s family of commercial roofing contractors. Having completed his initial Conklin Roofing Systems commercial roofer training in October of 2012; Joseph continues to grow his commercial client base from his Lisbon OH location; By using the highest grade roofing systems available, providing timely service and excellent workmanship and by establishing long-term relationships with his clients.

Business Consultant,
Owen Shrock

Mission Statement
SCI Roofing Services exists to serve clients with timely service and excellent workmanship, installing the highest grade roofing systems, with honesty and integrity in all of our interactions at all times, establishing and maintaining a long term relationship with each of our clients, all to the honor and glory of God.

“Serving wholeheartedly as if unto the Lord”

Experienced Workmanship


Company founder, owner and family man, Joseph Stoltzfus, grew up in an Amish family in western Indiana where he learned the values of hard work and integrity in his father’s construction business and family farm.

Having started his own commercial roofing business in 2012 and serving numerous clients has given him the experience required to effectively fix all types of roofing problems, whether metal, flat or low slope roofs.

Proven Systems

SCI Roofing Services primarily uses roofing products from the Conklin Company, which has it’s roots in manufacturing going back to the 1920s when Harry Conklin started formulating products. (Note: Conklin is one of the last remaining American “farmer owned” companies in business today.)

In 1977, Conklin pioneered the formulation of elastomeric roof coatings which offer superior protection against the elements on billions of square feet of roofs today. Trust the proven.

Conklin Roofing Systems are protecting Billions of square feet for many major brands - nearly 40 years of proven performance.